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The 2 most important things when choosing your Wedding Photographer- plus some other great tips

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Weddings can come with a whole lot of excitement, but let’s be honest, they can also be just a tiny bit overwhelming. So we’re here to help simplify at least one decision for you.

A Scenic Rim elopement in the country with the bride and groom at sunset photographed by Scenic Rim wedding photographer Florin Lane.

When choosing vendors (like your wedding photographer) there is a myriad of choices out there. You may be wondering… How do we know which one to choose, so they are the right fit for us?

Well the answer is really quite simple. There can be multiple factors to take into account (which we will give you tips for below),

"but it really just comes down to the 2 most important things that should drive your decision…..and these are your non-negotiables."

Air BnB country elopement in the Scenic Rim photographed by Queensland wedding photographer Florin Lane

1. You have to like the style of photography

When you’re flicking through Pinterest or Instagram or even an old school mag, think about what style of photos really reach out to you. What makes you feel good when you look at it. (you’re not looking at the people or items in the photo, but rather the overall style- think colour, brightness, how the image is composed and the mood it portrays.

If you start with finding images that you love and get pinning, saving images or scrapbooking (yes it’s still a thing we promise) And then step back and look at the board, album (or scrapbook 😉) as a whole and think about what style you consistently saved. Is it bright/colourful/cheery, or is it moody or arty or reminiscent of the film days?

This overall style that you were drawn to is your first starting point.

Now when you go into searching for your photographer, you can narrow down on photographers with a style that suits what you love.

Which leads us to the next important point.

2. Choose a photographer that you like

This may sound super obvious, but it is so so important and can make or break your day.

Gold Coast farm house wedding photographed by Gold Coast wedding photographer Florin Lane

Your photographer is often the vendor you spend the most time with on the day, so you want

to actually get along. Take the extra bit of time and be brave (yes we’re talking to the introverts out there) and chat with your prospective photographer. You could catch up for a coffee or drink if you’re close by, or organize a time for a video chat. You will know pretty quickly if they are a good fit for you.

And consider this..

..if you want really epic photos of your wedding or elopement, wouldn't the images of you turn out best if you feel comfortable with the person photographing you?

Meeting your photographer on the big day is ok, but it is also risky, and even if you all get along brilliantly, you’re still going to have those initial ‘nice to meet you’, getting to know each other awkward moments. So just have a chat beforehand and make sure you like them not just as photographers, but also as people and you can’t go wrong.

Now here’s a couple of things you could also consider, that are important, but only after you’ve nailed the top 2 points above.

1. Cost/pricing- Have a think about how important your wedding images are to you and budget accordingly

2. Location- If you can find a local photographer that ticks all your boxes…Yay! If not, you will have to consider the ability of and the travel costs associated with getting a your photographer to you.

There are plenty of other little things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer, but they can be covered in what to ask your photographer once you’ve found ‘the one’ and shouldn’t be make or break details.

Actually, that sounds like a good blog topic for another day.

Bride and groom kissing at the Gold Coast farm house with beautiful boquet photographed by Scenic Rim wedding photographer Florin Lane

We hope this has helped simplify things for you when choosing your Wedding/Elopement Photographer. Feel free to get in touch through our social media or website.

Much love,

Ben + Kristie

Florin Lane- Photography


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