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We now specialise in capturing those spontaneous "I do's," cozy micro weddings and lovers just being their awesome selves.  Soon to come is our fresh new site but until then check out below what's on offer. 


What pictures mean to me...

I sit and stare towards nothing in particular, although my eyes are caught on a picture of my grandmother in a frame on the wall. As she returns the stare so steadily, my mouth forms a smile as I remember the moments either side of that frozen sliver of time. For a split second I feel happiness and can hear her voice and feel her beautiful warm embrace, and I am comforted in the thought that she now lives within me.  

These fleeting moments are the essence of what it means to be truly alive. For me a picture is the legacy we leave behind, it captures the stories we tell without speaking and the memories we share without uttering a word.

I look for the beauty in the mundane and significance in the trivial, and know that life is a journey filled with experiences, rich with emotion and meaning, a pilgrimage through the landscapes of joy and sorrow, love and loss, triumph and defeat.

Photography is more than a mere capturing of a picture, it is more than light against shadow, colour and contrast and the harmony of composition.

There is an intimacy in a photograph that transcends words.


Florin Lane.

Sessions on offer

2 hour


approx 150+ edited images

3 hour


approx 225+ edited images

4 hour


approx 300+ edited images

Elopement and micro-wedding

All sessions include one photographer (me) and your edited images delivered via a private online gallery.

1 hour

$ 450

Couples / engagement

approx 75+ edited images

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